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Center Based Tutorials

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A Eurekan academic serves as a haven for academic advancement. With a battalion of full-time professional tutors specializing in different academic areas, a Eurekan center serves as both a reservoir of academic knowledge and a conduit for the propagation of knowledge. To provide convenience and comfort, all tutorial rooms in Eureka are equipped with computers/laptops/tablets connected to high speed Internet. These computers are used for research purposes, computer-aided exercises for students, and online mentoring. A Eurekan center is your one-stop shop providing solution to all your academic concerns. To many students, Eureka serves as a second home and a place where intellectual conversations and discussions are encouraged and provided thus giving them impetus to develop further. Tutors in Eureka act as mentors and at times, second parents to their students, listening to the concerns of their students and doling advice, encouragement, and support in order for them to continue learning and exploring.

Eureka employs a massive database of references, materials, exercises. Eureka's database program represents the accumulation of knowledge gathered through years of experience and is constantly updated to include developments in the academia. 


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