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Calculus Made Easy

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Have you ever felt empty and lost in your Math class solving complicated Calculus problems? Well, you are not alone! For sure, a lot of those who are taking , those who took, or even your parents in their high school and college years, had this love-hate relationship with Calculus. Why? Because generally, Calculus demonstrates the beauty and agony of Math education for it relates topics in an elegant but brain-bending manner. The closest analogy to it is the Theory of Evolution  by Charles Darwin: hard to infer at first, but rewarding once understood, for you start seeing the Nature in terms of survival. It’s like understanding why drugs lead to resistant germs (survival of the fittest), and why sugar and fat taste sweet (encourage consumption of high-calorie foods in times of scarcity). All of them FIT together, like Calculus ,which is similarly enlightening.

So what is Calculus then?

Generally, Calculus is defined as “the study of change which deals with limits and the differentiation and integration of functions of one or more variables”. Yes, it is right, but will it be helpful for beginners?

To make it sound simpler, let us define Calculus this way: CALCULUS DOES TO ALGEBRA WHAT ALGEBRA DID TO ARITHMETIC.                                       

More graspable, isn’t it? Let’s deal with the definition further.

ARITHMETIC deals with the manipulation of numbers.

ALGEBRA finds the patterns between numbers. For instance, a˄2 + b˄2= c˄2 is a very famous relationship which describes the sides of a right triangle. By knowing the values of a and b, you can find c. Therefore, we can say that ALGEBRA finds the entire sets of numbers.

CALCULUS finds patterns between equations. e.g (circumference= 2*pi*r) relates to a similar one (area= pi*r˄2).

 By means of Calculus, sorts of questions can be asked:

-       How does an equation grow and shrink or accumulate overtime?

-       When does it reach its highest or lowest point?

-       How do we use variables that are constantly changing?

-       And a lot more!

Therefore, we can say that ALGEBRA and CALCULUS are problem-solving duo. Meaning, Calculus finds new questions which Algebra solves. Like in the Theory of Evolution, Calculus expands your understanding of how Nature works.

Eureka understands that Calculus, or Math alone, is very daunting to a lot of students. But dealing with the complicated concepts of Calculus using simpler explanations and realistic analogies makes studying fun and thus, creates a very light atmosphere which makes absorption of knowledge more easily.

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