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Online English Tutorials

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The Internet has revolutionized the way students acquire knowledge. Most researches are now done online and knowledge is readily available anytime, anywhere.

Eureka takes full advantage of the benefits of the Internet to provide more accessible modes of learning. Through Eureka Online, students can now study using the Internet with the help of platforms such as Facetime, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and Facebook video chat.


In addition, Eureka Online delivers the following advantages:

1. Easy access to resources

Eureka Tutorials has designed a wide range of materials and modified online course components so that the materials used during the sessions are accessible anytime. It is also assured that learning online enables the students to engage more easily with multimedia resources and the wealth of extension material that is available online.

2. Face-to-face education through live interaction                      

Online tutoring preserves the value of face-to-face education through live interaction between students and tutors. Regardless of distance, one-on-one online tutorials that are channelled through voice and video conferencing software allow for a comprehensive dialogue between student and tutor that remains immediate and uniquely individual.

3. Convenience of studying from the comfort of their familiar surroundings

Online tutoring allows tutors and students to interact from the comfort of their own homes. Studies show that comfort is of paramount importance in promoting meaningful learning. Online tutoring enables the same level of engagement as face-to-face instruction within an environment that is familiar to the student and hence, conducive to effective learning.

4. Accessibility

Convenience assumes that you have a choice, but what if you don’t actually have any options for locating tutoring? For some, making the decision to seek tutoring online may mean the difference between getting help and not. Online tutoring is also good for children who are doing home-schooling and whose parents may need some assistance in an area that they may not be knowledgeable in.

5. Technology

Often people who haven’t experienced online tutoring fear that the technology will be a hindrance, but in many ways it is an advantage, especially for young people who are used to chatting on skype and not intimidated by new software.  When sessions are online they are easily recorded for future reference, and a good tutor will make use of technology for illustrative purposes by using photos, animations, drawings, and diagrams.  Not to mention there are resources readily available that wouldn’t be if you were sitting across a table.

Eureka understands that the demand for innovative type of learning process, such as the online tutoring, has grown by leaps and bounds. Eureka also assures its students that the tutors handling the classes must conform to the following responsibilities and standards:

  • Subject experts who can supplement self-study materials, fill-in any gaps, clarify any misunderstandings of the lessons, and point learners to the wealthy resources of information;
  • Coaches, mentors or counsellors who are responsible for helping the learners to achieve their learning goals by challenging, encouraging and providing constructive feedback; and
  • Assessors who constantly check to ensure that the learners have achieved the learning objectives.


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